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About Manna

Miraculous food from nature, a gift of heaven. Our Manna is just that. Manna came from an aspiration to draw together passion for making delicious food that is a boon to good health without compromising on love and respect for sentient beings that live along side of us. Food that is an artistic delight to look at and uncompromisingly high on taste but unbelievably full of good health at the same time. We, at Manna are very happy with what we have put together. The vast array in the menu satisfies each of the high standards we set for ourselves. It's time we brought Manna to you.
If you are someone who is palate concious, then for you we use the best ingredients that assures best tastes. We use them in carefully tried proportions and cook them to perfection. We at Manna ourselves are finicky about great food and so we serve only that which competes for highest standards. We at Manna want taste and health on a single platter with no cop out at all.
If you are someone who is deeply spiritually commited to the well being of every living and feeling entity on earth, if you cringe everytime you see flesh and blood of animals being marketed in stores and restaurants then we at Manna are a tribe along with you. We have not used any animal or animal produce to create our unique masterpieces.
Didn't we tell you, we really are Manna from heaven?

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Toronto Veg Food Festival

September 8th to 10th Veg Food Fest Hours

The Veg Food Fest is attended by over 35,000 visitors each fall at Harboufront Centre.The hours are as follows:

Friday, September 8th from 4-9pm
Saturday, September 9th from 12-9pm
Sunday, September 10th from 12-7pm

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